Vicki Tornetta, MA, NCC, LPC

About Vicki

We all have experienced being evaluated solely on our outward appearances: the job we hold, the school we attend, our physical appearance, in other words, by the masks we wear. However, in all relationships what is most important is to see the person in front of you as a unique individual created in the image of God.

I strive to create a space where you are safe and feel safe, so you can be vulnerable, transparent, and authentic. Allowing you to honestly explore your deepest issues.  I believe that the counseling relationship is critical to the healing process. I strive to create a warm, genuine, understanding and safe environment, while using evidence-based treatments rooted in a Biblical worldview.

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Dr. Shynita Rice

About Shynita

Shynita holds a Doctoral Degree from Eastern University in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is certified in trauma healing by the Global Trauma Recovery Institute and an advocate for mental health and trauma healing. She has experience working with individuals, couples, and families as they begin their journey of restoration and healing and understands how untreated trauma impacts one’s life and decision-making process.

She is passionate about working with individuals who are struggling with their spirituality and life events and has expertise working with women who have experienced domestic violence, sexual violence, and post-abortion guilt. If you are looking for support she is available to help you with your goals and partner with you as you create your place of peace.

Shynita is a candidate for her LPC in Pennsylvania.

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McKenzie Severe

About McKenzie

McKenzie joined Vicki Tornetta Counseling at the end of 2023. She graduated from Cairn University with her MS in Counseling and is now working toward obtaining her LPC. Once she graduated, she went on to work as a family-based therapist, doing intensive in-home treatment of children and their families and then transitioned into working in a private practice setting.

McKenzie has experience providing counseling for couples, family, and individuals for people of all ages. She has worked with a variety of mental health issues which include but are not limited to parental-child conflict, couples conflict, other relational issues, anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, trauma, and stress. McKenzie is especially passionate about walking with people as they navigate issues pertaining to their relationship with God if this is an expressed desire of the client. We all go through times where doubt, anger, fear, etc. creeps in and wrecks our understanding and relationship with Him. We all need a safe place to express our spiritual struggles, process them, to be gently challenged, and experience change in these areas. McKenzie strives to build the kind of relationship with her clients for this to happen in the therapeutic setting.

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